A carefully crafted cardboard boat slips quietly into the water. In that moment its function as a river vessel is realised, but at the same time water begins to seep in to the material. Before long it will break and sink down to the riverbed.

Through a simple and absurd performative act Jim Lockey seeks to explore loss, grief and the human animal’s drive to keep going against the odds and in the face of the inevitable. Using a cardboard boat as a lens to think about bigger questions like; where does the drive to build (objects, ideas, relationships, a life) come from? And, by what mechanisms do we understand and deal with the loss of those things?

This site provides in-depth look at the creation of BOAT. A kind of online archive and sketchbook for an artwork planned for completion in 2018. This site is intended to give a greater insight for those interested in the project and the opportunity for me to think through the work on a practical and theoretical level.

Musing on the idea of entropy and the place of human endeavour in the face of it; I will attempt to bring the moments of creation and inevitable destruction into close proximity by designing, building and then paddling a cardboard canoe. By attempting to create a water-going vessel out of an inherently unsuitable material I want to look at the impulse to create – knowing that ultimately the whole idea will eventually fail. The work also functions as a meditation on grief.

See the ‘blog’ tab for latest updates

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